• December 10, 2023

【fifa 2012蘋果手機版】iPhone版FIFA12操控技巧圖文攻略 |Soccer |Store |

我們打開了球場燈光、修剪了場地,而粉絲們耐不住興奮之情了。下載《FIFA Mobile》,加入比賽! 別忘了Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE和Instagram @EASPORTSFIFAMOBILE上關注我們,加入我們社羣,獲取最新消息,並告訴我們您想法。

I’ve played this game for around 2 years, and the state of this game has been decreasing from the moment I started playing. I still remember when the developers would actually listen to what the people have to say and make changes to their bugs/glitches. Now, it’s just become a franchise to wrap in money. You have lost the people’s hearts. Just look at the reviews you guys got over the past few WEEKS. How many complaints are there? By the way, have you even tested the game? Do you know how many bugs there are? Server connections issues, unknown(how?!!!) errors, pitches being swapped, packs vanishing into mid-air… just try to improve this game, please. The events and content inside them are actually quite appealing which does attract players, but once they find out there are just… so many bugs… most of them just either quit or unwillingly spend a whole lot of money because they love this franchise. But… you guys have ruined it. Thanks so much!


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