• May 18, 2024

【修改顯示器序號】Win10 |顯示器序號怎麼切換修改看圖上顯示器1 |顯示器序號怎麼切換修改看圖上顯示器1 |

如果記錯話是插線好像,類似於多屏拼接軟件麼 試過是否兼容軟件擬化大屏如果支持話,可以顯卡驅動擬一個跨越顯示器大屏幕出來運行軟件

If it’s a laptop, disconnect it from your dock or disconnect all monitors and use the laptop monitor for the following procedure. If you are using a desktop your mileage may vary but disconnect all monitors except #1. Delete the following entries from the registry. (Export them and back them up before you delete of course just in case something goes wrong)

Shut down the machine, connect only the first monitor to the dock (or the machine) and switch the machine on. The monitor will be identified and added as monitor 1 back into the registry. Proceed to connect what you would like to be monitor 2 (and 3 and so forth) and they should be numbered properly.


WIN10 顯示器序號怎麼切換修改看圖上顯示器1 是小

WIN10 顯示器序號怎麼切換修改看圖上顯示器1 是小的2 …




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