• February 24, 2024

【title 平板電腦】智能平板 |幼兒平板電腦四 |平板電腦10英寸8核 |

平板電腦解決方案:基於Google Android,提供底層驅動到上層應用整體解決方案外,平板設備大屏幕、雙手握持,集移動商務、通訊、娛樂一體特點,集成了多屏顯示,異屏顯示,娛樂互動共享核心技術,大大提高了平板產品易用性和娛樂性,增強了產品市場競爭力。


It has a range of children age-appropriate app including books, education, game, entertainment etc. Perfect for developing children’s intelligence, fertile imagination, concentration. It would be a great companion for your kids to learn or play at home.

And our tablet has GMS certification which bring you access to download songs, movies, game, e-books that you want from Google Play store.

To avoid children browse undesirable website content and to effectively plan children’s learning and playing time, we launch parental control mode, in which you can set time limit, learning objectives, and manage access to game.

By setting the time of playing games, you can help your child cultivate strong sense of time and form good behavioral habits.



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2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and expansion of 128 GB from SD card allow you download more apps or store more video, music or study materials.

The design of the TF card allows you to store video or e-book that downloaded in advance, and to continue to learn or play without network.

A suitable capacity for kids. It can last 6h watching video, 8h daily use, and 12h continued reading.


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